Harris Luxury Crowne Series

Crowne Series

Harris FloteBote leads the industry in progressive innovation and style with the all-new luxurious Crowne. A sleek fiberglass exterior delivers an aerodynamic look, setting Crowne apart on the water. The long established luxury class has been redefined.

An Elite Design. A Handcrafted Masterpiece. A Redefinition of Luxury.

Re-Introduced in 2013 to great acclaim, the Crowne 250 is much more than the flagship of the Harris FloteBote fleet. It's an expertly designed, exquisitely handcrafted masterpiece that will exceed the most discerning boat owner's expectations for innovation, performance, luxury and styling. After all, your boat is not simply a means to cruise your favorite waterways. It's a natural extension of your lifestyle, so it must allow you to entertain and enjoy recreational pursuits the way you would ashore - with sophistication and grace. And we understand that your ideal boat must be as unique as you are. To that end, the elite 2014 Crowne 250 boasts sleek lines, premium construction, elegant detailing, dramatic power and agile handling, as well as a startling array of amenities in three available floorplans for truly inspired onboard living. Without question, this flagship pontoon will redefine luxury at every turn.

A New Epoch In Style

A glimpse into the future, while paying homage to our heritage of craftsmanship. The Crowne is an unmatched legacy of being not just ahead of its time, but ready to stand the test of time. - These luxury pontoons are a true benchmark for comfort, style and relaxation.

Crowne Series Pontoon Boat Interior
Crowne Series Pontoon Boat Features

A Feel for Design

Its elite-class design has instantly established Crowne as the most sophisticated pontoon cruiser on the water. This prestigious boat sets progressive advances in comfort, style and technology for all others to pursue.

Crowne Series Pontoon Boat Interior Features

Light up the Night

The Crowne rings in the evening for you and your guests with a fashionable presentation of soft, beautiful light. Furnishings, accessories and accents are tastefully adorned to make any evening an event to remember.

Crowne Series Pontoon Boat Lighting

Perform In Top Form

Power and performance is at the heart of every Crowne. Engineered for all-around supremacy on the water, the Crowne accelerates, banks, and displays flawless stability that would embarrass most other power boats.

Crowne Series Pontoon Boat Performance